Why Maple Lawn Montessori?

The small footsteps that enter the corridors of our institution develop into confident strides when they enter kindergarten. Our expertise and experience in pre­school education are spanned over 60+ years.

  • Maple Lawn Montessori is the best & only contemporary Montessori preschool, which prescribes amalgamated diverse teaching methodologies: Montessori / Reggio Emilia / Pearson and Web-based learning, all of which are transcontinental time-tested and successful.
  • Our vision is to create a naturalistic and pluralistic learning environment to suit the demands of today’s children who are hungry and restless to advance at a faster pace.
  • Our center is the best day care in US, UAE & India we focus purely on learning that channelizes our students focus into handling transient challenges and demands of the school system with confidence thus making them community suave.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Our legacy and years of service in the global educational arena. We have sustained the tsunami of institutions only because we evolve with time and release the very young’s’ needs and demands are becoming more challenging each year.

Our success story in India : 1000+ students with grade pre-K to X with a historical run since 1952

UAE – The early Learning Center since 1999

US –    The 1st Center was setup in 2000

Voted OUTSTANDING by our local education authority