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Our staff bond with our toddlers to create the sense of trust that enables them to explore the world around them.

All stakeholders have to work in tandem to ensure the continuous development of every child.  Clear and open channels of communication is the key to fostering an effective partnership.

To extract the innate abilities of our learners our contemporary Montessori curriculum is designed to provide age-appropriate activities that take advantage of the children’s natural curiosity and liveliness using our scientifically engineered learning apparatus.

No child is alike, in order to address the individual differences our teachers are trained to get to know each child’s preferences and interests so that the curriculum can be further fined tuned to cater to the needs of each child.  In all our classrooms LEARNING GET’S ATTENTION – we strive to create varied, enriching and exciting experiences for all our learners.


WE HAVE DEVELOPED A LEARNING CAPSULE which is an amalgamation of Montessori, Reggio Emilio, Mac Millan and our own family designed global experience which spans over 65 years with proven results.

“All play and no learning make Jack a dull boy”  — our teaching & learning techniques center around real life experiences.  We build on the child’s existing knowledge to create new knowledge through the adaptation processes of…

Assimilation and Accommodation

Jean Piaget (1952; see also Wadsworth, 2004) viewed intellectual growth as a process of adaptation (adjustment) to the world. This happens through:

  • Assimilation

    – Which is using an existing schema to deal with a new object or situation.

  • Accommodation

    – This happens when the existing schema (knowledge) does not work, and needs to be changed to deal with a new object or situation.

  • Equilibration

    – This is the force which moves development along. Piaget believed that cognitive development did not progress at a steady rate, but rather in leaps and bounds.

coloring activity

Our classes are student-centric, our teachers merely facilitate each child to reach their zone of proximal development.  We use proven constructivist teaching strategies like peer-assisted learning, cooperative/collaborative learning to prepare our students for the challenges of real classrooms.  Learning experiences are aligned with kindergarten readiness standards established by the following entities:

Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for Early Learning, Common Core State Standards (Virginia’s Standards of Learning- SOL’s) and Head Start Child Development.

Every child’s development is tracked and their growth within the classrooms is recorded by our Lead teachers using nationally recognized assessment tools.

To learn more about our teaching strategies and techniques, please feel free to contact us or request a tour.


We believe that young children learn best through their interactions with their environment, by exploring, experimenting, touching, building and doing thing by and for themselves.

Our Pre-K program is designed to prepare your child for the challenges of Kindergarten. The learning starts with a daily morning message that children read and continues with small and large group learning experiences and engaging story times. The fun and learning only stop when you pick up your child and head home for some well-deserved family time.

The nationally-recognized Creative Curriculum is weaved into the folds of our Program offering   fun educational experiences in language, math, science, social studies, music and art. This research-based curriculum builds on your child’s individual interests to plan lessons that are relevant and engaging. Our Continuous Comprehensive Curriculum helps your child’s teacher measure success and set goals to ensure a successful transition into Kindergarten.

Our curriculum uses high-quality children’s literature to teach important literacy concepts, including phonemic and phonetic awareness, letter recognition, and writing. The program builds character as children explore character traits such as responsibility, patience, creativity, and respect.

Our Pre-K Features

Proprietary Hybrid International Curriculum Supplemented with Nationally mandated Pre-K curriculum.

Our curriculum is designed to be developmentally responsive.

  • Our classrooms are purposefully prepared environments, with stimulating material and child –sized furniture and equipment.
  • All learning is hands-on and experimental, with specially designed Montessori material for math, language. Sensorial explorations, practical life activities, art , science and geography.
  • We encourage students to explore, discover and use their imaginations
  • At Maple Lawn, the process is more important that the product.
  • Our comprehensive preschool and kindergarten curriculum provides a solid foundation for elementary school
  • Making choices and using coordinated movements to accomplish tasks leads the child towards self regulations and self control
  • Through their Montessori work, children develop strong observation and problem solving skills.
  • Students who aster  Maple Lawn’s Hybrid International curriculum are extremely well prepared for the academic, physical and social work of first grade.
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Culture of Creativity

“Culture of Creativity” permeates every classroom. Creativity and creative problem solving are integral parts of daily life at all grade levels. In our academic curriculum we challenge our students to become problem-solvers and creative thinkers by constantly asking them:

  • To take risks
  • To take another look at things they already know
  • To find unique ways to present their knowledge to others.
  • We emphasize on energising group-centered, cooperative, social, open-ended, spiral, an expressive process, new age, flexible, spontaneous, serendipitous, open movement, fluid, freely expressive.
  • The classroom walls are filled with documents of the children’s explorations and experiences-photos, conversations and visual expressions; the walls of the environment are used as a tool of reflection and revisiting by the children, parents and teachers.

After School

After School program provides an organized set of activities for children to experience in a fun and stimulating environment.  Before and After School program provides an organized set of activities for children to experience in a fun and stimulating environment.

Weekly lessons are created based on children’s interests and are supported by group or individual activities.

Activities are centered around the following 5 major areas of development:

  1. Communication/Language/Literacy— completing assigned homework tasks, reading books, communicating with peers and teachers.
  2. Social Skills/Emotional Development— establishing positive peer relationships, expressing feelings, controlling behavior.
  3. Explorations to Learning— participating in arts and crafts activities, playing board games, exploring multimedia experiences (such as supervised computer access)
  4. Purposeful Motor — participating in indoor and outdoor sports activities, engaging in friendly competitions and games.

Our Before and After School program is designed to meet the individual needs of both younger and older children. Our special activities are categorized by age to create a more effective environment for children to increase social and emotional development.

We will be happy to provide you with a complete list of our evaluating criteria for each of the five development areas outlined above on request.