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Early childhood Pedagogy refers to the holistic nature of early childhood educator’s professional practice that involves


  • Building and nurturing relationships
  • Curriculum decision making
  • Teaching and learning


Maple lawn and the Kotwal family have collaborated with Jawaharlal Nehru National Youth Center(JNNYC) to offer a well-rounded curriculum for the teacher training programme . But before designing their own learning experiences which would be relevant to the ‘toddlers’ and the ‘Teachers to Be’, Maple lawn had identified experts to explore and regenerate a novel syllabi. Keeping in mind the professional judgements regarding knowledge and skills to be acquired by the tutors a deep approach was adopted to understand the beliefs and values of families, their cultural context, and styles.



“Early Childhood Education can never be considered a career it can only be a passion”


  • To fill passion, patience , creativity, sense of humour, communication , flexibility and many more to those who could perceive the fact that all children are different and it is we who have to be equipped to face the challenges
  • A contemporary Emotionally Electrifying Education
  • To cultivate and nurture a fresh brand of teacher who will be able convert/change

‘Play Schools into Serious Early Learning Centers


  • Making ordinary human beings as managers for designing the future generations
  • Perceive Vygotskian constructivism philosophy that both teachers and their toddlers are embedded in a social matrix which unfolds with love ,care and scaffolding
  • To practice Bronfenbrenner’s ecological maxim to understand the child’s immediate surroundings which is fundamental in developing complex range of relationships in their lives
  • To experiment and critically analyse the workability of socio-cultural, socio-behaviouristic theories before conceptualising the approaches and transferring them into strategies, methods and techniques in the teaching learning process for the toddlers.
  • Have an inquiry mind to generate ideas and innovate methodologies based on either Montessori method, Howard Gardeners Multiple Intelligence , or on constructive thinking .
  • Become able administrators of a Pre –school to change the perspectives of Early childhood and to create a developmentally appropriate system where the toddlers could blossom in a natural stress free climate
  • Exposure to International day care centre online and twinning programmes to enrich the teachers’ experiences through project based learning
  • Scope for creating new horizons of Early childhood learning through creative and innovative ideas in the area of Administration, Planning and Designing, Teaching/Learning /assessment
  • Engagement in reputed schools as Intern to internalise the construct of approaches/strategies/methods and techniques most suitable for toddlers





List of Course’s available for Pre-Primary Teachers with Internship
S.No Courses Duration
1 Certificate in Pre-Primary Teacher Training 6 Months
2 Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training 9 Months
3 Masters Diploma in Pre-Primary Teacher Training 24 Months


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